Fetishes of London Escorts

Some fetishes are more popular than others here at London escorts. I have worked at other escorts agencies before I joined London escorts, and for some reason, fetishes are different in many parts of the country. Here in London the most popular seem to be food fetishes, and I am forever getting requests about food, and eating food in usual ways. The other day I had a date with a guy who wanted me to feed him strawberries with my feet. He thought he was weird but I did not see the big deal. The most unusual request that I have ever had, was from a guy who wanted to tee off his golf balls using my bare bottom as a tee. I did not go for that one. After all, I did not want to end up with bruises on my bottom if he missed with his club. Otherwise I would have gone for it as it sounded kind of funny, and he seemed to be a really nice guy. But the though of a bruised bottom really put me off, so I sent him to another girl instead.


Sometimes I think that escorting is all about entertainment. I like to have fun with my dates at London escorts, and they probably think that I am a bit nuts at times. As a matter of fact, when a date has a particular fetish, I always get really stuck in and try fulfill their fetish as best as I can. Sometimes, I just start to giggle a little bit, and I have to admit, it can be really hard to not try to laugh. But then again, I suppose a giggle just confirms to the date that their fetish is harmless fun. The funny thing is that most of the gents with fetishes are senior gents, and many of them have always dreamed about acting their fetishes out. I am sure that they have probably dated other London escorts as well, and perhaps many of the girls have been a bit reluctant to help them with their fetishes. I would not actually call me the queen of fetishes at London escorts, but it is something that I am pretty well renowned for and I enjoy at the same time. No. I am not completely nuts, just a bit unusual I suppose.

I love London escorts

Like I said, I have worked for other escorts agencies before I worked for London escorts. It has been okay career but I have just really started to enjoy my profession. I suppose it has to do with finding your niche in escorting and confidence as well. Most of the girls at the agency have a lot less experience that I do. I don’t mind sharing my experience with them at all. The best advice I could give a future escort, is to let go of your inhibitions and start having some fun with your dates. Okay, some dates might be looking for companionship but most of them are looking to have some fun. If, you can make a date fun, your gents will come back time and time again. Some escorts are super sexy, and we do get girls like that here at London escorts, but I am not that sort of girl. I focus on having some fun with my dates, and it is almost like I entertain them. I think the majority of the chaps who come to see me, are looking for a bit of fun.

Role Play

My next big adventure is going to be into role play. Before I joined London escorts, I actually took some acting lessons as I was going to be a French Maid in a panto. I really enjoyed it, and I thought that role play would be a natural extension of my work here at London escorts. Now, I am putting together a couple of characters that I am planning on using, and the focus is still very much on entertainment. My characters are all going to be nice but a little bit naughty at the same time. My boss at London escorts thinks that I am slightly nuts, but he also noticed that what I call my business plan, seems to be working. It is not a proper business plan as such. it is more like act that I have put together.